The exhibition of art works by great painters in Beijing is a perfect combination of art and technology

The exhibition of art works by great painters in Beijing is a perfect combination of art and technology

In the scorching summer of Beijing in June, immerse yourself in the bustling and bustling atmosphere of the city, and seek a visual and spiritual journey of light and shadow.

The “To Da Vinci” Global Light and Shadow Art Exhibition, which was once popular in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, Hangzhou and Wuhan, has continued to innovate through six stops of rich experience. On June 21, it officially launched the upgraded version of “To Da Vinci 2.0” in this most creative and modern Oriental Xintiandi in Wangfujing, Beijing. The exhibition will continue to be displayed until October 30. At that time, the audience will enter the artistic world of this genius with curiosity and admiration.

The global light and shadow art experience exhibition “Salute to Leonardo da Vinci 2.0” was initiated by the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Italy

oil painting reproductions and is one of the global events commemorating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. The exhibition shows Leonardo da Vinci’s painting creation and his works in astronomy, geography, medicine, architecture, nature, water conservancy, machinery The exploration process and achievements in various fields such as military affairs fully demonstrate the great achievements of Leonardo da Vinci’s life.

At the exhibition site, 16 oil paintings, 15 reconstructed models, 50 graphic animations, and 1200 high-definition images allow visitors to experience the infinite details of this Renaissance master’s masterpiece up close. Among them, in the custom oil painting exhibition area, the audience can experience Leonardo da Vinci’s exquisite brushwork and unique painting skills from the dignified smile of the Mona Lisa, the elegance and nobility of the Woman with the Silver Rat, and the vivid characterization of the Last Supper. In terms of exhibition design, we also put our utmost effort into utilizing light and mirror refraction to integrate the audience with famous paintings.

In addition, more than one hundred of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts on display include figure sketches, machinery, geometry, architecture, anatomy, nature, Military engineering, and so on. Each of them is precious, revealing the genius’s wisdom.

The physical exhibition area and the physical models shown are all designed based on Leonardo da Vinci’s original hand painted oil painting manuscript and reproduced 1:1 by Florentine artisans. They can fully develop children’s imagination and creativity, and experience the joy of invention and creation together.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition is telling stories through light and shadow. The full sensory custom oil painting experience of 5D cinema and the extraordinary experience of VR Metaverse enable the audience to experience the wonderful multi-dimensional world in person; The light and shadow art, paired with 4k high-definition projection and Dolby surround sound, allows viewers to easily travel through time, like strolling in the back garden of Leonardo da Vinci’s former residence, experiencing and understanding the amazing achievements and giant ideas of this “slash master” Leonardo da Vinci in person.

It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition period, the fifth “Little Da Vinci” Children’s Painting Exhibition “Inspiring the Mind, Creating the Future” was also held at the same time, and there were courses such as painting, technology, speech expression that children enjoyed, as well as rich and colorful interactive activities. It is also the first choice for inspiring children’s minds, family summer outings, and parent-child activities.

It can be said that this exhibition is a perfect combination of oil painting reproductions art and technology, with advanced global new media audio-visual digital technology and a highly shocking immersive viewing experience. It not only enriches people’s audio-visual experience, but also affects our attitude towards viewing and perceiving the world around us. It is bound to set off a new wave of art craze in Beijing!

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